Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Astrosoniq by Willum geerts

Jonathan Borofsky by Jonathan Borofsky

The first image is a cassette (1987), so doesn't really belong in this blog; But it's one of the many interesting project from this artist who was a big star in the eighties but who has more or less disapeared from the scene nowadays.
Read more, hear some track & get all the info here; http://www.borofsky.com/music.htm

Monday, July 7, 2008

Rita Ackermann by Rita Ackermann

edition of 50. Red etched vinyl, handpainted & pop-up sleeve

Kai althoff by Kai althoff

edition of 200. One record in XXXL record sleeve

Hewald Jongenelis by Hewald Jongenelis

Götterdämmerung by Marc Byl

Karel Appel by/and Ed van der Elsken

Maarten Altena Ensemble by Ger van Elk

to the left tilted cover!

Yoko by John/John by Yoko

A peek inside the wedding-album box. This box contains tons of black & white papers & pictures. Even a record with a some music on it. On the other side of the record is a interview/press-conference given by Yoko & John in Amsterdam